Hai Sobat, Ada Artikel Baru nih, Baca yuk??

Hai Sobat, Ada Artikel Baru nih, Baca yuk??

Power of SEO Search Engine Optimation

Posted: 18 Jun 2011 09:32 AM PDT

Power of SEO Search Engine Optimation
Good night all. What are you doing? Hmmm, a quiet Saturday night, without lover. xixixi (lebay)
Okay, because I'm lonely, from the dizzy, then I took the decision to post the article. Because this blog is still lack articles.
This article, will discuss about SEO (Search Engine Optimation). Although I do not know much about Search Engine Optimation, but it does not hurt to share, right? Who knew there would later adding that my lack of posting today.
Right away, I'll explain Search Engine Optimation. Search Engine Optimation is a step that must be done by webmasters, and even bloggers. Why? Because Search Engine Optimation will give a good effect for your website or blog. So in the end, will be a lot of visitors and rank web or blog will also rise.
so we expect this at all, is not it? Well, then how? That is what should we seek knowledge. Want to know the science? Here it is ...

On Page Search Engine Optimation
Well, this is important science to be studied in On Page Search Engine Optimation, including:
- You must take care to search for domain names that will be used. For the selection of domain names should not be arbitrary, must contain the keywords that we use on a website or blog.
- Note also the Title, use your target keywords in the Title.
- Use keyword must be precise and should not be indiscriminate. Use the keyword as close as possible. Even so, I do not recommend for spamming, because usually Search Engines do not like SPAM.
- Well that should not be overlooked. The use of ALT in the picture. The use of ALT is that Search Engines can read the keyword in place of the image. So it's easy to find.

Off Page Search Engine Optimation
Well, that ni no less important with the On Page SEO. Because of this factor from the outside, if it is On Page SEO factors from within. Off Page SEO To do it easier.
Among others by submitting your URL to Search Engines, Web Directories, Forums and others.
Furthermore, with backlinks. Carlah backlink as much as possible to boost the strength of our SEO. And it could also submit Ping.

That piece of science Search Engine Optimation friends who might have noticed in your blogging activities. ^__^
May be useful, and keep the spirit of blogging!

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