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Arkansas offers $2.2 million to Mike Anderson

Posted: 23 Mar 2011 01:19 PM PDT

Arkansas offers $2.2 million to Mike AndersonTBT - The will-he-stay-or-will-he-go drama that has enveloped Missouri basketball and its coach, Mike Anderson, has taken on SEVERAL new twists this morning.

Including a big one with various Arkansas media reporting that Anderson now has a seven-year offer for $2.2 million from Arkansas.

That would top the $2 million per season offer Missouri is believed to have made to Anderson, which also would cover a seven-year term.

On Wednesday morning, ESPN's Andy Katz, who earlier came down on the side of Anderson staying at Missouri, has now posted a story that says he is "expected" to take the Arkansas job. With the caveat that that would not be true if Anderson decides to stay at Missouri.

To be totally honest and not to take a shot at Katz for doing what just about every other person inside and outside the media has been doing, no one is really sure – perhaps not even Anderson – about where he will wind up for next season.

Katz quoted long-time Anderson mentor Nolan Richardson as saying: "Mike told me it was 50-50 since he was still negotiating. I'm happy for him. I support Mike and I will support him wherever he goes. He's like a son to me."

Richardson was with Anderson at the funeral of a long-time mutual friend in Tulsa on Wednesday morning. [via - kansascity]

Google Doodle on American Magician Harry Houdini’s 137’th Birthday

Posted: 23 Mar 2011 01:15 PM PDT

TBT - Continuing with the trend to showcase new doodles on search engine's home page, Google is here with a nice doodle on occasion of Harry Houdini's 137'th birthday. Harry was an American magician born March 24, 1874 in Hungary. He was also a noted escapologist, stunt performer, actor and producer. He was popular for his thrilling acts in escaping.

Here is the snapshot of Google Doodle released on his 134'th birthday, Continuing with the trend to showcase new doodles on search engine's home page, Google is here with a nice doodle on occasion of Harry Houdini's 137'th birthday. Harry was an American magician born March 24, 1874 in Hungary. He was also a noted escapologist, stunt performer, actor and producer. He was popular for his thrilling acts in escaping.

Here is the snapshot of Google Doodle released on his 134'th birthday,

Google Doodle on American Magician Harry Houdini's 137'th Birthday

[via - clickonf5]

Israel News from Jerusalem : Bus Bomb kills one and injures 30

Posted: 23 Mar 2011 12:47 PM PDT

Israel News from Jerusalem : Bus Bomb kills one and injures 30TBT - A bus exploded at a crowded bus stop near a central bus station in Jerusalem today, killing a woman and injuring at least two dozen others. The explosion was apparently caused by a bomb left in a bag near the stop. This was the first such bombing in Jerusalem in over four years. No group has come forward to claim responsibility.

The threat of terrorist bombings have been a fact of life in Israel for as long as I can remember. I remember being a kid and being afraid of going there. I remember talking to Israelis about the anxiety of living in a place like Jerusalem, or even Tel Aviv, where a terrorist nightmare could happen at any time.

It turns out, as we learned in 2001, that we all live in a place where something terrible could happen at any time. Maybe there's something we can learn about living with uncertainty from people who have always accepted uncertainty as a given.

In the aftermath of 9/11, as we were trying to fathom our new anxiety-tinged life, I thought about Israelis. Israeli residents grow up, and raise their children, in a place where this particular risk is part of the equation. How do they deal with this? According to most of the Israeli's I've interviewed on the subject, they mostly deal by not thinking about it. Sometimes they avoid certain places they consider particularly risky for whatever reason. But overall, the main tactic seems to be: If it happens, it happens. There's nothing I can do to prevent it from happening. So why should I let it ruin my life?

This kind of attitude is perhaps harder for Americans to swallow since the exposure to this type of risk is still so new on our shores. But recent events have been a scary reinforcement of what we already know: our ability to protect ourselves against disaster, whether by terrorist or natural causes, is sadly limited. Maybe we should focus on limiting how much worry about it affects the good parts of our families' lives. I know I'm going to try. [Via Babble]

photo: yzukerman/flickr

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Elizabeth Taylor dead brings increased awareness

Posted: 23 Mar 2011 12:42 PM PDT

TBT - Screen legend Elizabeth Taylor's death from congestive heart failure will no doubt lead to increased awareness of the disease. The 79-year-old actress reportedly suffered with CHF, as it is commonly abbreviated, for several years. But here are a few facts about the disease.

Congestive heart failure occurs when the heart muscle is unable to pump sufficient amounts of oxygen-rich blood to the rest of the body.

According to, there are several factors that can cause CHF, such as diseases that weaken or stiffen the heart muscle; or diseases that increase oxygen demand beyond the heart muscle's capability to deliver it adequately. Hypertension, or high blood pressure, and extensive alcohol abuse can also lead to congestive heart failure.

But CHF affects more than just the heart. lists the following potential complications of congestive heart failure: lack of proper blood flow can result in diminished kidney function and even renal failure; congestion in the lungs (pulmonary edema) which inhibits a person's ability to breathe normally or exercise; fluid accumulation in the liver, impairing its ability to release toxins and produce essential proteins; inability of the intestines to absorb nutrients and medicines; and fluid retention in the extremities.

Elizabeth Taylor dead brings increased awarenessIn short, if left untreated, congestive heart failure can affect every organ in the body.

Treatment typically includes rest, a modified diet to reduce the consumption of salt (a common factor in hypertension), and possibly medications to lower blood pressure and ease the flow of blood and lessen fluid retention.

Taylor, who was also known for her activism in the fight against AIDS and other humanitarian causes, had suffered multiple illnesses and injuries in the course of her life, it was widely reported.

She underwent an appendectomy and an emergency tracheotomy and endured such ordeals as a punctured esophagus, a hysterectomy, dysentery, an ulcerated eye, smashed spinal disks, phlebitis, skin cancer and hip replacements, the Los Angeles Times reported.

And, according to the Daily News, in 1997, she had a benign brain tumor removed. Taylor had undergone heart surgery in 2009 to replace a leaky heart valve that had occurred because of the congestive heart failure. [Via Newjerseynewsroom]

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How to Grow Your Twitter Following Tips

Posted: 23 Mar 2011 11:20 AM PDT

How to Grow Your Twitter Following TipsTBT - Growing a large following is something many new Twitter users struggle with. They see all these big accounts with 20, 50 or even 100K followers and wonder how did they ever get there?

Today we will give you some tips and tools on how to grow your following steadily and we'll also make sure that you stay within the Twitter guidelines to avoid account suspension. There are certain practices that are not allowed and the last thing you want is to get your account suspended after you worked hard to get a decent following.

Quality or Quantity?

This is the first thing you have to ask yourself. Do you want a small number of followers where you can easily keep track of the timeline and interact with everybody or do you want to grow as big as possible and utilize Twitter lists to keep up with the tweets you care about?

If you have a Twitter account for personal use, the first option will probably work best for you. If you have any commercial aspirations and would like to promote your brand or business to the world market, your goal will be to reach as many potential clients as possible. Growing your Twitter following is an easy and low cost method to promote your business or brand worldwide.

Tools of the Trade

These are a few tools we use to manage our account. There are many more tools out there but today we will stick to the tools that work for us.


Simply enter your user name and it will show you who isn't following back, who is a fan and mutual followings. If you connect with Twitter, it will also give you the option to follow or unfollow users.


Similar to FriendorFollow but more advanced and it can filter your account for a variety of stats such as users without a profile image or users that are quiet or tweet a lot. There is a pro upgrade available but the basic mode has all the features an average user will need.


When your account starts to grow exponentially it becomes hard to keep track of all your new followers. If you want to set up a welcome message for all your new followers, this is the tool to use. You can set up an auto DM and welcome new followers. DO NOT add a link to that message because that's what everybody is doing and will only tick people off. Come up with something creative and original within the 140 character limit.

There are also features that will allow you to auto tweet status updates but that is NOT done as you should keep it real on Twitter, more about this at the end of this blog post.


Fun and addictive would be the best way to describe this tool! You can actually use this to grow your stats on Twitter, Facebook, Website and YouTube. You can earn credits for connecting with other Twiends users and use those credits to let others connect with you. Sort of like a marketplace. You can even tweak your setting to get higher quality followers and there is an option to purchase credits if you don't have the time to earn credits manually.


If you want to find followers in a specific geographical area or category, this is the tool for you. It lets you search for users per city or from a directory of categories. This is great if you have a local business and you want to connect with all the Twitter users in your city for example. You can also follow and unfollow within this tool.

Now How Do I Get Followers?

All the above will help you to manage the new followers as your account starts to grow. Obtaining new followers can done in many ways.
  • Follow users from follow back lists. Many users have created lists consisting of people that returned the follow so there is a good chance those users will follow you as well if you start to follow them.
  • Just Google: "follow back list twitter".
  • Use the Twellow tool to find users in your niche or city and connect with them.
  • Add Twitter links to your website, blog and email signature if you use one.
  • Use the Twiends tool to get new followers.
As your new followers start to roll in it's time to use the account management tools such as FriendorFollow and ManageFlitter. Find out who followed you back and who didn't. You can also unfollow people that didn't return the follow if you wish but DO NOT mass unfollow people or unfollow those who did return the follow. These are bad practices that could get your account suspended. We're not celebrities that have 500K followers and only follow 10 users back. Your account should have a healthy follower ratio.

Remember that you can only follow 10% more than your follower count when you pass the 2000 follower mark. Example: 3000 followers will allow you to follow 3300 users.

Keeping It Real

This is what it's all about. It's alright to try and get a large following but don't do any of the following:
  • Don't spam your product link over and over again.
  • Don't use auto tweet tools except for a meaningful auto DM perhaps.
  • Don't mass follow and unfollow since this could get your account suspended.
  • Don't unfollow those who return the follow just to make yourself look more popular.
If you stick to these guidelines and use the above tools you can easily grow your following to any size you want. [via Sitepronews]

Download Free Smadav Rev 8.5 Terbaru (2011)

Posted: 23 Mar 2011 08:26 AM PDT

Download Free Smadav Rev 8.5 Terbaru (2011)TBT - Download Smadav Rev 8.5 gratis. Bagi Anda yang selama ini menjadi pengguna produk Smadav sebagai antivirus di komputer atau laptop, mungkin Anda masih mengunakan Smadav Rev 8.4 atau bahkan mungkin masih ada yang menggunakan Smadav Rev. 8.3. Yang namanya antivirus itu selain harus update database virusnya, maka sangat penting pula memperbaharui versi dari software antivirusnya. Dan nanti kita bisa melakukan update software Smadav ini, sebab versi terbaru, yaitu Smadav Rev 8.5 belum beredar dan dapat didownload secara gratis.

Kelebihan Smadav Rev. 8.5 belum kita ketahui karena masih belum keluar, bila dibandingkan dengan versi sebelumnya adalah bahwa dalam versi yang telah beredar awal tahun 2011 ini telah dilengkapi dengan pendeteksian khusus untuk beberapa virus shortcut terbaru (MSO-sys, fanny-bmp), serta ada penambahan database untuk 40 virus varian baru.

Selain itu didalam Smadav Rev 8.5 kita berharap ada juga dilakukan penyempurnaan deteksi untuk semua varian virus shortcut, serta adanya penambahan teknik heuristik dan berbagai penambahan-penambahan lainnya.

Untuk mendapatkan nantinya Smadav Rev 8.5 terbaru 2011 ini, silahkan klik pada link dibawah ini:

Download Free Smadav Rev 8.5 Terbaru (2011)

Semoga informasi singkat ini bermanfaat.

Download Free Anti Virus Computer 9.10 (2011)

Posted: 23 Mar 2011 06:31 AM PDT

Download Free Anti Virus Computer 9.10 (2011)Download Free New Anti Virus Computer 9.10 (2011) product that makes it impossible for viruses to touch the computers hard drive. It's a Combination of Hardware and Software. Viruses, Worms, Trojans will never touch your computers hard drive. (EVER) antivirus software sometimes does not find or remove The Virus but with our A.V.C. ANTIVIRUSCOMPUTER Hardware & Software combo product it is impossible for a virus to even touch your computers hard drive. No more need to re-install the Windows Operating system due to viruses or by human error. No more costly technician repairs.

No More Viruses

. Surf the internet with no fear
. Perfect for beginners
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. Viruses will never touch your hard drive
. Save $$ in computer repairs
. No file corruptions
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. Great for Home & Business
. No more down time
. No monthly fees
. No hard drive corruption
. Password Protected
. Neither your employees, children, novices or anyone can corrupt your computer.
. No need to re-install the Windows Operating System due to Viruses, Worms, Trojans, Spyware, Ad-Ware, Malware or any corruptions.


Includes everything you need to turn your computer into an AntiVirus & corrupt free computer. you can free download Anti Virus Computer 9.10 now.

Name Files Version Download
Anti Virus Computer 9.10 icon Download

Download Free Samsung Video Converter 1.0.1

Posted: 23 Mar 2011 06:31 AM PDT

Download Free Samsung Video Converter 1.0.1Samsung Video Converter Freeware is the best software for converts almost all PC video files (support most popular video formats including RM, RMVB, AVI, ASF, WMV, MOV, MPG, MPEG, AVC, OGG, MP4, DivX, FLV, IFO and more) to Video for Samsung Mobile Phone.

Samsung Video Converter Key Features:
  • Support most popular video formats(including RM,RMVB,AVI, ASF, WMV, MOV, MPG, MPEG, AVC, OGG, MP4, DivX, FLV , IFO, MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC and more).
  • It is very easy to use without any special setting, only a few clicks complete the task of convert video;
  • It is made for the beginner as well as having advanced functions for the professional user;
  • It can Detect your hardware configuration and decide an optimized convert scheme automatically;
  • Fully support AMD Athlon 64 X 2 Dual-Core Processor and Intel(R) Pentium D Dual-Core Processor;
  • Provide >300% converting speed by multithreading, so fast beyond your Imagination;
  • Both multithreading and Batch conversion supported.
  • Easy to use – Just two clicks, everyone can become the master of Samsung Video Converter;
  • Support Model – Samsung Acclaim, Behold, Behold II, BlackJack, BlackJack II, Caliber, Code, Comeback, Convoy, Exec, Finesse, Flight, Galaxy, Galaxy S, Genio Touch, Gravity II, Highnote, Impression, Innov8, Instinct, i740, Jet, L870, Omnia, Omnia II, Omnia HD, Omnia lite, Omnia Pro B7320, Omnia Pro B7330, Omnia Pro B7610, Pixon 8, Pixon 12, Reality, Renown, Rogue, Scarlet, Star, Strike, Strive, Sunburst, Sway, Tocco Ultra Edition, Tocco Ultra Lite, Trill, t349, t369, Wave, you can free download Samsung Video Converter 1.0.1 now.

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Download Free Cute Video Converter Free Version 3.650

Posted: 23 Mar 2011 05:36 AM PDT

Cute Video Converter is a easyt-to-use video converter software. It can convert many video formats, e.g. DivX, XviD, MOV, MPEG-4,MPEG, WMV, H.263,AVI,WMV,ASF to the others Video format MPEG-2,MPEG-1,FLV and AVI etc.

Key Feature:
  • Supported Input Video Formats.AVI,DVD:VOB,MPEG-2,VCD:DAT,MPEG,MPEG-4,WMV,Asf,DivX, ASF, VOB, 3GP,3G2,H.264,MOV.
  • It can Batch-convert video files from AVI,DVD:VOB,MPEG,VCD:DAT,MPEG-4,MPEG-2 WMV,Asf,DivX, ASF, VOB, 3GP,3G2,H.264,FLV MKV and MOV to to the others Video format MPEG-2,MPEG-1,FLV and AVI etc.
  • Trim any video segment by setting the Start time and End Time.
  • Crop function: You may crop a video top and bottom black bars.
  • Easy to use !Just One Click of the button! Clear-cut interface features large icons for performing all major actions . you can free download Cute Video Converter Free Version 3.650 now.

Name Files Version Download
Cute Video Converter Free Version 3.650 icon Download

Tips Cara Download Video Youtube Cepat Dan Mudah

Posted: 23 Mar 2011 04:58 AM PDT

Tips Cara Download Video Youtube Cepat Dan MudahCara download video Youtube, jika anda sedang mencari cara untuk download video dari Youtube maka cara ini menurut saya paling mudah dan bisa di lakukan kapan saja anda mau, namun ada proses download sebuah software terlebih dahulu, tapi jangan khawatir anda tidak akan rugi sama sekali jika download software yang satu ini

Software yang saya maksud ialah Internet Download Manager (IDM), setelah anda men-downloadnya kemudian install, maka kapanpun anda menemui video dari Youtube di situs manapun dan ingin mendownloadnya maka tinggal klik saja.

Cara Download Video Youtube

1. Download internet Download Manager di link berikut ini:
Kemudian install dan aktifkan.

2. Maka setiap kali anda melihat video dari Yotube, Dailymotion atau video dari situs manapun maka akan akan muncul tombol berwarna hijau bertuliskan "Download This Video" yang tinggal di klik.

3. Untuk download anda tinggal klik tombol tersebut, maka IDM akan langsung mendownloadnya, dengan cepat karena IDM terbukti sebagai download manager tercepat maka selamat mendownload!

Oke itulah cara download video Youtube!

Bagaimana Cara Memasang atau Memakai Dasi

Posted: 23 Mar 2011 04:54 AM PDT

Memasang dasi? kalau saya sih udah lama tuh gak pernah ngelakuin. Kalau di suruh pasti gak bisa. Untuk rekan-rekan Kerjain Sendiri, ini ada artikel menarik cara melakukannya apabila sewaktu-waktu perlu pakai dasi, misalnya pas mau presentasi bisnis ke calon investor atau buat yang masih cari-cari kerja pas ada peluang interview.

Simpul Yang Sempurna-Four-in-hand

Bagaimana Cara Memasang atau Memakai Dasi

Langkah-langkahnya :

(1) Ambil bagian A yang lebih panjang dan lebih lebar dari B, dan silangkan di atas B.

(2) Putarkan A mengelilingi dan berada di bawah B.

(3) Sekarang kembalikan A di atas B.

(4) Dan tarik A ke atas melewati simpul sekeliling leher anda.

(5) Kemudian tarik A ke bawah lewat simpul yang anda buat dengan A. Kencangkan kedua tali dasi diatur seimbang sehingga bentuk simpul tersebut seperti "V" membentuk lekuk.

(6) Tarik simpul tersebut ke atas dengan agak kencang mengelilingi leher anda, yakinkan bahwa B lebih pendek dari A dan A mencapai ujung dari sabuk

Simpul Baru-Shelby

Bagaimana Cara Memasang atau Memakai Dasi

(1) Mulai dengan dasi bagian dalam menghadap ke luar, A dibawah B.

(2) Tarik A melewati dan di bawah B.

(3) Tarik kencang.

(4) Tarik A menuju ke kiri.

(5) Tarik A ke atas melewati simpul di sekeliling leher anda.

(6) Bawa A melewati simpul dan kencangkan.

Bagaimana Cara Memasang atau Memakai Dasi

Langkah-Langkahnya :

(1) Ambil A, yang lebih panjang dan lebih lebar dari B, dan silangkan di atas B.

(2) Putar A mengelilingi belakang B.

(3) Kemudian tarik A ke atas.

(4) Dan kembalikan A melewati simpul

(5) Sekarang tarik A lurus ke depan B

(6) Dan sekali lagi tarik A ke atas melewati simpul

(7) Tarik A ke bawah melalui simpul yang di depan.

(8) Kencangkan simpul menggunakan dua tangan.

Perfect Bow (dasi kupu-kupu):

Bagaimana Cara Memasang atau Memakai Dasi

Langkah-Langkahnya :

(1) Letakkan tali dasi mengelilingi leher anda, yakinkan bahwa A lebih panjang dari B
(catatan: dasi kupu sangat fleksibel untuk berbagaia macam ukuran leher)

(2) Silangkan A di atas B

(3) Sekarang tarik A ke atas melalui bawah simpul yang mengelilingi leher anda.

(4) Kencangkan simpul sedikit dan lipat ujung dasi satunya (B)

(5) Tarik A di atas bagian B yang sudah ditekuk dilipat.

(6) Sekarang bagian yang agak sulit, perhatikan lebih dekat dari gambar. Lipat A ke belakang dan tarik melewati simpul yang ada di belakang dasi

tips dari

2 Calif condor chicks born at San Diego Zoo

Posted: 23 Mar 2011 04:28 AM PDT

SAN DIEGO—The California condor population has just increased by two.
City News Service says the first two condor chicks of the year were born last week at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

Two other eggs are in incubators at the zoo's condor breeding program. Other zoos also are breeding the condors, and some birds released into the wild also have bred.
The park has hatched 165 chicks since the 1980s, when the last 22 California condors were placed in the captive breeding program. Today, there are more than 370 in captivity and in the wild. [ via mercurynews]

Download Free PhotoShine 3.62

Posted: 22 Mar 2011 11:44 PM PDT

Download PhotoShine 3.62 Free PhotoShine gives you an easy way to make Photo Collage by adding your photo into different beautiful templates.

For example, you can add your photo into a classical LOVE style template, a pink girl style template, a baby Cartoon template, or a magazine cover template etc by just One Click in PhotoShine.

Main Features:

1) Easy to use
Just one click, you can add your photo into the template which you like.

2) Totally 9 themes (styles), more than 700 beautiful templates included.

The 9 themes are: GIRL,BABY,LOVE,BOARD, DREAM, MAGAZINE,CALENDAR,Frame and OTHER. There are totally more than 700 templates are included in PhotoShine, which means you have more than 700 choices to make your photo more attactive. you can free download PhotoShine 3.62 now.

Last Updated: Mar 12, 2011
License: Shareware $39.95
OS: Windows 7/Vista/2003/XP/2000/98/NT
Requirements: No special requirements

Name Files Version Download
PhotoShine 3.62 icon Download
PhotoShine 2.5 icon Download
PhotoShine 1.2 icon Download

Stream Watch Naruto Shippuden Episode 204 English Subbed Online

Posted: 22 Mar 2011 11:42 PM PDT

Watch Naruto & Download Naruto Shippuden (Shippuuden) Episode 204 streaming for free at. At the moment We have all current movies and episodes of Naruto Shippuden 204, Naruto Shippuden 204 is one of The Longest ongoing anime serie ever made so every week a new episode comes out. Watch Naruto Shippuden at bookmark us and do not forget to spread the word to everbody.

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Naruto Shippuden Episode 203

Naruto Shippuden 204 Title: -------------------------
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Anime Shippuuden earnest always be the FIRST to release Naruto Shippuden Episode 204 Home subs.

Watch Movies Limitless (2011) Online for Free

Posted: 22 Mar 2011 11:41 PM PDT

Watch Movies Limitless (2011) Online for - Watch Limitless Online - Stream Limitless for Free - Free Movies Online - Watch Movies Limitless Online for Free - Watch Movies Online!

Limitless is a 2011 American techno-thriller film directed by Neil Burger and starring Bradley Cooper, Abbie Cornish, and Robert De Niro. It is based on the 2001 novel The Dark Fields by Alan Glynn with the screenplay by Leslie Dixon. The film was released in the United States and Canada on March 18, 2011. It is scheduled to be released in the United Kingdom on March 23, 2011.

Movie Genres: Thriller
Movie Released: 18 Mar, 2011
Video Length: 1 hr 45 min

Trailer for Limitless:

Streaming Links to Watch Limitless Online

Trik Internet Gratis Telkomsel Terbaru Maret 2011

Posted: 22 Mar 2011 11:40 PM PDT

Trik Internet Gratis Telkomsel Terbaru Maret - Trik Internet Gratis Telkomsel Terbaru Maret 2011, TRIK telkomsel kali ini menggunakan browser operamini hadler 4 dan 5,cukup mengganti kueri opmin kamu..trik ini udh di coba dan berhasil.pulsa kamu akan terpotong 1-3 rupiah setiap kamu masuk ke internet…kadang2 trik ini tidak terpotong pulsa sepeser pun…
trik ini sudah di tes dan berhasil……….,saya belum tau apa trik ini berpungsi di daera kamu……

bila pengen mencoba bisa di tes……untuk opera mini saya anjur kan memakai operamini hadler versi 5,versi 4 bisa juga……..

untuk setting nya bisa kamu ambil disini


bila kamu belum punya opmin ver 4 dan 5 bisa ambil disini

~ OPMIN VER 4 & 5 ~

selamat mencoba………………………………………! [via]

Watch Movies Rango (2011) Online for Free

Posted: 22 Mar 2011 11:39 PM PDT

Watch Movies Rango 2011) Online for - Watch Rango (2011) Online - Stream Rango for Free - Free Movies Online - Watch Movies Rango Online for Free - Watch Movies Online! Rango is a 2011 American computer-animated comedy western film directed by Gore Verbinski and produced by Graham King. It features the voices of actors Johnny Depp, Isla Fisher, Bill Nighy, Abigail Breslin, Alfred Molina, Harry Dean Stanton, Ray Winstone, Ned Beatty, and Timothy Olyphant.

A chameleon that aspires to be a swashbuckling hero finds himself in a Western town plagued by bandits and is forced to literally play the role in order to protect it.

Movie Genres: Action, Adventure, Animation
Movie Released: 4 Mar, 2011
Video Length: 1 hr 47 min

Trailer for Rango:

Streaming Links to Watch Rango Online

Rebecca Black May Be Making Big Money Off 'Friday'

Posted: 22 Mar 2011 11:16 PM PDT

Rebecca Black May Be Making Big Money Off 'Friday'Rebecca Black's viral hit "Friday" is still going strong over a week after emerging as the song the internet loves to hate. Black has been a consistent presence in Twitter's trending topics list, the video has been viewed over 34 million times on YouTube and the single has been among the Top 40 best selling tracks on iTunes for nearly a week. For a song that inspires so much over-the-top revulsion, "Friday" has become a surprisingly durable fluke hit.

Along with the producers at Ark Music Factory who wrote the song and produced its video, Black stands to make a lot of money off "Friday." Forbes estimates that given the details of YouTube's revenue sharing program, Black and Ark have likely made at least $20,000 in advertising money from the video. The sales for the "Friday" digital single are less easy to quantify, particularly since the iTunes store does not release its sales data. But considering that Black's parents reportedly paid Ark only $2,000 for the song and video, they've already made back their investment – and then some.

[via Rollingstone]

Celebrate World Water Day Today 22nd March 2011

Posted: 22 Mar 2011 11:13 PM PDT

water day, world water day 2011, In July 2007, the city asked that residents voluntarily reduce their water usage, but it was in July 2009 that the City Council declared "Water Conservation Stage B," mandating all customers to reduce their water usage by 10 percent. That meant scheduled days and times for watering your lawn. Water on the wrong day and you risk having to spring $100 for a citation.

Here's where we can give ourselves a little pat on the back. According to Shana Epstein, Environmental Utilities Manager, Department of Public Works and Transportation, water use in the city is now about 10 percent less than in 2009.

That's certainly not to say we can rest on our laurels. Especially with the recent heavy rains, we are reminded not to water for several days until our lawns really, really needs it. Reducing your automatic sprinkler system time and number of days can make the biggest difference and is one of easiest solutions, said Epstein. Even consider reducing the lawn and replacing it with low-water use plants.

World Water Day was organized by the UN Water group and has been celebrated each year since 1993. This year's theme is "Water for the City." Cutting back is good for the city's supply and your wallet, the Metropolitan Water District tells us.

My household water bill is about $25 less each month since my teen son moved out to go to college. Not uncommon, noted Epstein. Teens seem to be notorious for over-zealous drenchings, not the three-minute showers recommended for water conservation.

You may have noticed the sign out in front of the Levi's Store on North Beverly Drive promoting their Levi's Water Less jeans. Check out this recently introduced collection that the company website says "is made using significantly less water." The average pair of jeans uses about 11 gallons of water in the finishing process. The "Water Less" collection reduces water consumption by an average of 28 percent, and up to 96 percent for some new products in the line. In honor of World Water Day, the company is donating 200 million liters of clean water to communities in need through its partnership with

Want a global approach to water usage that's local as well? Restaurants around the world are participating in the UNICEF Tap Project and asking patrons to donate a dollar or more for a glass of tap water, which they'd usually get for free. All the funds raised would support UNICEF's efforts to bring clean and accessible water to millions of children around the world. Attention Beverly Hills eateries: if you would still like to participate in the campaign, check out the website. [Via Beverlyhills]

Robert Redford bringing Sundance Film Festival

Posted: 22 Mar 2011 11:09 PM PDT

Robert Redford bringing Sundance Film FestivalAmerican actor and director Robert Redford, who has done wonders for the independent film community, is set to expand the Sundance Film Festival across the pond.

Redford, who founded the annual Utah based festival in 1981, announced on Tuesday (Mar. 15) that he will be bringing Sundance to London in the spring of 2012. The festival will run from April 26-29 at the O2 and will feature film screenings, live music, discussion panels and cultural events according to the AFP.

"It is our mutual goal to bring to the UK the very best in current American independent cinema, to introduce the artists responsible for it, and in essence help build a picture of our country that is broadly reflective of the diversity of voices not always seen in our cultural exports," Redford says.

We'll be interested to see how the Brits respond to our American independent films, but we applaud Redford's efforts to spread some positive U.S. culture to other parts of the world.


Net flix Gems For Instant Kid Gratification

Posted: 22 Mar 2011 11:07 PM PDT

Net flix Gems For Instant Kid Gratificationnetflix, netflix canada, netflicks,,,Through Netflix, My kids have become fans of some classic shows they probably never would have had the chance to see anywhere else. And they've also discovered some real gems that neither of us had ever heard of.

On our current Netflix hit parade….

1. Flipper. This super sixties series about a couple of (apparently motherless) boys and their beloved pet dolphin is everybody's current favorite. My kids found their way to this one on their own. I guess it didn't hurt that we just went swimming with dolphins on our vacation.

2. The Littles. This 80′s cartoon about a miniature family has a fairly groovy theme song and occasionally heavy themes (Mom's a drug addict, anyone?). There's a lot of psychology talk and Important Lesson Learning.

3. Feast at Midnight. This movie is completely adorable. It's the story of a boy who goes to boarding school, gets picked on, and emancipates himself by cooking his grandfather's Escoffier recipes in the kitchen at night.

4. Shelly Duvall's Faerie Tale Theater. This series is shockingly star studded, and pretty enjoyable for adults as well as kids. If you don't watch it for the story lines, watch it for the costumes. Where else are you going to see Mick Jagger in a Fu Manchu mustache?

Who else is enjoying the download lifestyle? What are you watching?


Kristen Schaal a hit with outrageous Xperia Play

Posted: 22 Mar 2011 11:06 PM PDT

Kristen Schaal a hit with outrageous Xperia Play Kristen Schaal a hit with outrageous Xperia Play Smartphone ads (video)

Hollywood, Calif. - Kristen Schaal, best known for her role as Mel in HBO's series 'Flight of the Conchords,' is now the featured spokesperson for Xperia Play Smartphones, appearing in their outrageously funny commercials.

In one of the ads, she becomes redundant as she watches herself on YouTube; in another she takes on a devilish persona when the commercial is played backwards; and in yet another ad she becomes obsessed with game play.

To see five ads for the Xperia Play Smartphone featuring Kristen Schaal, click on the video player to the left of this article, or click here.


Evan Rachel Wood Debuts New Honey Blond Hair

Posted: 23 Mar 2011 12:39 PM PDT

mildred pierce, nikki reed, dita von teese, charles manson, ted bundy , Evan Rachel Wood in Mildred Pierce Evan Rachel Wood is getting all sorts of buzz for a special wig she had to rock for an upcoming HBO project ... a wig that was custom built for her crotch. The "True Blood" star is slated to go full frontal in the HBO miniseries "Mildred Pierce" -- and at a recent NY press event explained, "Let's just say, I had to wear a wig because it was in the 30s, and everything had to look like it was in the 30s."

According to Wood, her co-star Kate Winslet encouraged her to do it -- "I looked at Kate and she was like, 'You've got to do it. Trust me, it's so brave. Put a merkin on and you'll be fine."

Apparently, she's not a method actor.


Mega Millions Winning Numbers Worth $244 Million

Posted: 22 Mar 2011 11:00 PM PDT

Mega Millions Winning Numbers Worth $244 Millionmega millions, mega millions numbers, megamillions, lotto numbers, hoosier lottery, And the winning numbers are:
14, 33, 34, 54, and 56, Mega Ball 37

The Megaplier was 4.

After 13 consecutive drawings without a winner, the Mega Millions jackpot is up to $244 million, or a cash prize of $155.7 million. The run-up to the current jackpot began on Feb. 4 with a $12 million jackpot that went unclaimed.

No tickets claimed Friday's jackpot either.

Each ticket has a 1 in 172 million chance of winning the jackpot, according to In comparison, the chances of picking a perfect March Madness bracket are 1 in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808.

While the prize isn't the largest in Mega Millions history, it certainly has had people coming out in droves to try their luck. This is one of many recent large jackpots, and the second-largest in history was drawn in January, when two lucky winners split a prize of $355 million.


Read Air Gear Chapter 310 Manga Online

Posted: 22 Mar 2011 10:56 PM PDT

Read Air Gear Chapter 310 Manga Online, Read Air Gear 310 online as Nue and lightning brat are racing towards the goal to determine who will be the winner. Be one of the first to get air gear chapter 310 and be on the lead of the story beating the crap out of your friends when it is time to discuss this upcoming chapter from the Air Gear Manga series.

Air Gear 310 is set to be released next Monday so be part of it and get the advantage of knowing the story line first ahead of time. Be knowledgeable when you and your friends starts the discussion about this manga chapter. Don't miss the action and adventure that air gear manga 310 will bring you.

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